3D Printed Pharmaceuticals for Targeted Drug Delivery Applications

About Us

Jabi TDD Solutions created a cutting-edge precise drug fabrication & delivery system using 3D printing technology to produce customized medicines using the Semi-Solid Extrusion technique involving Alginate and Corn Starch as ink, allowing small batch productions of tablets with tailored dosages, customizable physical appearance, and release characteristics of medication, leading to safer and effective health outcomes for patients. The Company’s 3D printing technology will be a versatile technique based on layered manufacturing with short production time and reduced material wastage compared to the traditional process. The Company’s transformative technological innovation solves major medical problems while providing age-appropriate dosage and user-defined biochemical and mechanical properties through customized tablets.

Problems To Solve

Conventional pills are based on adult dosage. However, Elderly & pediatric patients need age-appropriate doses. Pediatric medications are not attractive to the pharmaceutical industry. Taking multiple pills makes it hard for patients to keep track of each medicine.

It can be time-consuming, labour intensive, and dose inflexible due to the large batch sizes needed. Being able to customize medication, can make kids far less resistant to taking medications. Conventional large-scale manufacturing processes (e.g., tableting) do not provide a dose-flexible platform.

Our Solution

The Company has developed a 3D printer with the help of 3D printing technology to achieve personalized medication for patients and the medical community. The technology will let the pharmacist make on-demand drug release tablets enabling them to create tailored medicines for the patients by adding multiple drugs to one pill, eliminating the need to consume multiple tablets for different ailments.

The ink used by the printer will be a water-based semi-solid paste made of corn starch and alginate produced from seaweed. It will make the medicine completely soluble in the water, thereby increasing the drug absorption in the body and eliminating the need for higher drug concentration in the tablet, which was earlier required to achieve appropriate therapeutic action. Also, alginate has notable properties such as non-toxicity, biocompatibility, biodegradability and structural integrity, which will, in turn, help in overcoming the ongoing challenges of 3D printing.

Our Products



Controlled Release

Decentralized Manufacturing Process

Reduced Wastage

Shorter Production Time


Meet The Team

Kenneth Onyewuchi Ahaotu


Kenneth Onyewuchi Ahaotu is a passionate Community Pharmacist, and a strategic and innovative Director with over 22 years of experience across the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked as Marketing Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Chairman, Chairman and Co-Founder. As Chief Executive Officer of Jab TDD Solutions, Mr. Kenneth Onyewuchi Ahaotu will leverage his experience and expertise in leading his three successful companies to help the Company become successful within Canadian markets.

Stella Ifeoma Ezeukwu


Stella Ifeoma Ezeukwu is an educated and well-accomplished businesswoman, manager, and pharmacist. She has worked as Pharmacist, Locum Pharmacist, Assistant Director, Executive Director, Managing Director. As Chief Operations Officer of Jabi TDD Solutions, Mrs. Stella Ifeoma Ezeukwu will work closely with the CEO to design and implement policies to promote the Company’s culture and vision and oversee operations to keep businesses on track to success within Canada.

Daniel Kalu Nsi


Daniel Kalu Nsi is a smart and hardworking Business Information Manager with over 20 years of tech experience. He has worked as Mechanical Engineer, Senior Consultant IT Security Audit, Technical Advisor, Lead Internal Auditor, Head Sox Evaluation/ Compliance, Head Security/ Audit and Business Information Manager. As Chief Technology Officer of Jabi TDD Solutions, Mr. Daniel Kalu Nsi will be responsible for overseeing the entire information technology department to ensure the Company maintains a competitive advantage within the Canadian Market.

Chika Modesta Uche-Okeke


Chika Modesta Uche-Okeke is a result-oriented, ambitious, and versatile banking professional with over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. She has worked as Administrator/ Treasury Assistant, Teller/Customer Service Officer/Head, FT and Treasury, Relationship Officer/Marketing Unit Head, Unit Head, Infrastructure/ Power Sector Group and Branch Manager. As Chief Marketing Officer of Jabi TDD Solutions, Mrs. Chika Modesta Uche-Okeke will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy which will be vital for customer outreach and growth within Canada.

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